Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes
Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes


The work of MAPS is enriched through the contributions of early career researchers who work under the supervision of one or more core member. Through the participation of trainees MAPS contributes to the development of future leaders in the field of IDD.

Current trainees:

At Queen’s University

  • Tori Barabash, MSc Candidate – Epidemiology
  • Nicole Bobbette, PhD Candidate – Rehabilitation Science
  • Amy Choi, BSc Candidate – Life Sciences

At the University of Ottawa

  • Hajer Chalghoumi, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Casey Fulford, PhD Candidate – Psychology
  • Natasha Plourde, PhD Candidate – Psychology
  • Whitney Taylor, PhD Candidate – Psychology
  • Lynne Potvin, PhD Candidate – Psychology
  • David Lauzon, MA Candidate – Economics

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