Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes
Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes

Inter-sectoral collaboration in the context of supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are frail

Inter-sectoral collaboration is a critical element to consider when planning both the implementation and maintenance of team-based efforts. A framework for effective inter-sectoral collaboration involving the health care sector has identified six key conditions: necessity, opportunity, capacity, relationships, planned action, and sustained outcomes. A recent study by MAPS researchers investigated the collaboration between home care and disability services sectors in the context of supporting older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are frail. It examined how the collaboration aligned with this framework. Structured interviews with individuals with IDD, families, and professionals in both sectors, revealed that all six conditions were touched upon by providers from both sectors, but individuals with IDD and their families did not discuss sustained outcomes. The study also identified the need for resources and tools to promote the framework conditions when undertaking collaborative ventures. Read more about the details of the study and additional findings here:

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