Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes
Collaborative Research - Quality Outcomes

Rachel Maislin – MSc Defence

Rachel Maislin successfully defended her MSc Thesis in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University. Her thesis consisted of an assessment of the needs of agency stakeholders with regard to the development of a community employment initiative. Congratulations Rachel!

H-CARDD Aging Project Study

H-CARDD Aging Project study compared the use of home care services in Ontario among adults with and without IDD over time. Although both groups received similar types of home care services, adults with IDD had much higher rates of admission to home care and at much earlier ages. See the full study here:

Katherine McKenzie – Position at CIHI

MAPS aging project team member Katherine McKenzie has joined the Pharmaceuticals team at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)’s Ottawa branch, working as an analyst with the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) Database.

Terminology for Persons with IDD

With growing interest in and use of administrative data to study populations of interest, there is a need to ensure that those populations are easily identified in such data. Our new study reveals that modern terminology is not consistently used in health records to identify presence of an IDD. Just under 1% of the home care population had a diagnostic entry related to IDD. Ambiguous terms were most commonly used (61%), and this group tended to be older and less impaired than the group with more acceptable terms used to describe their IDD. See the full study here:

Social Enterprise Workshop

On August 24th Dr. Rosemary Lysaght gave a presentation to staff from multiple Ontario ministries as part of a workshop on social enterprise sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development & Growth. Goals of the workshop were to Illustrate the benefits of social enterprise versus more traditional service delivery organizations, highlight new research on social enterprise and social finance, and explore opportunities for Ontario Public Service staff to support social enterprises. Rosemary’s presentation focused on best practices and emerging needs identified in her past and current research, much of which was collected during a Ministry of Community and Social Services sponsored study on social enterprise in the IDD sector. Participants discussed challenges to social enterprise development and growth, and government actions that could help  move this form of employment generation forward.


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